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White Horses in the Bristol Channel, said Radio 3

White Horses in the Bristol Channel, said Radio 3

White Horses in the Bristol Channel, said Radio 3

White Horses in the Bristol Channel, said Radio 3 – pencil drawing with digitally added colour

Friday. The morning, following so many beautiful dawns this week, dawned wet and windy. However, driving up the M5 to Clevedon I was still surprised to be informed by Radio 3 that there were white horses in the Bristol Channel*. This oldly specific announcement, out of character for a for a national radio station whose main qualities are its eighteenth century selections and lack of current affairs, was disconcerting. This wasn’t even a news bulletin, merely a comment about the state of the Bristol Channel. They explained, as if this explained anything, that they were watching the web cam at Watchet. Then they played Beethoven.

So it was in a slightly surreal and thoughtful mood that I stood taking photographs on the sea front. There were indeed (modest) white horses, there was also a spring tide and much splooshing of water up onto the walkway below the sea wall. And I was the only one there. I even wondered, if I continued to be the only one there, would I go in anyway?

This is Clevedon. There has to be more than little white horses to deter everybody. I pattered along to the big cave and found two of the regulars eyeing the sea speculatively. In the end we were four, and of course we swam. And as the sun rose above Clevedon Hill – in the instant that my camera battery died – and despite the dire warnings of Radio 3, it turned out lovely!

*White horses: I had to explain this to a friend, so in case anyone else is confused – the white caps on the top of waves. Other than actually breaking on the shore I think this begins to happen (sailing friends will correct me) at about a force 5 wind.

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Clevedon Pier: now you see it, now you don't

Clevedon Pier: now you see it, now you don’t

Clevedon Marine Lake on a very high tide

First check your Tide Tables…

Last week there was a high spring tide. We would have known, had we actually looked  in the tide tables that we both have, which might have been sensible especially with Lucy’s balance just nearly restored. But we hadn’t, and for a while we swam in a hypothetical Clevedon Marine lake, or rather, we swam a couple of feet above the lake, until normality was restored.

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Clevedon Marine Lake on a very high tide

Clevedon Marine Lake on a very high tide

Rachel's Dart 10K - The Finish!

Rachel’s Dart 10K – The Finish

I have recent drawings that I can’t show you yet, so here is a commission I did a few months back – this is Rachel Ray’s Dart 10K swim. The Finish! A nice change for once to be able to say I’ve done that swim, I don’t have to imagine what it’s like, I was there (though in fact not the same year, and I think we may not have had quite such a muddy finish…).
Digital drawing.

Rachel's Dart 10K - The Finish!

Rachel’s Dart 10K – The Finish!

Wednesday swimmers - pencil sketches

Wednesday Swimmers

Wednesday swimmers - pencil sketches

Wednesday swimmers – pencil sketches

I like swimming on Wednesday at Vobster, though I hardly ever get to go. There is much mucking about in the water. Here is something I am working on from some photos I took on a Wesnesday recently. It started off with me liking something about the arrangement of the two figures in this one photo, though as an actual photo it’s not one of the best.
The sketch is actually three sketches, scanned and and arranged till I think they work together. Getting the underlying drawing right is absolutely the most important thing with most of what I do so there has been much thinking and faffing already. Don’t hold your breath with this one… I have other work I should be doing now….

Wednesday swimmers - photo

Wednesday swimmers – photo

Lisa - swimmer painting in watercolour by Nancy Farmer - detail


Painting in watercolour, with bubbles in palladium and aluminium leaf. Another painting from a photo in the incomparable waters of Vobster Quay.

Lisa - swimmer painting in watercolour by Nancy Farmer

Lisa – swimmer painting in watercolour by Nancy Farmer

This painting is for sale at the time of posting this, and there will be prints available shortly.


The Angel of Grasmere

The Angel of Grasmere

The Angel of Grasmere

The Angel of Grasmere

This painting was from a photo I took of my friend Jackie in Grasmere in Cumbria, late last summer. Unlike the blue water of Vobster, where I’ve taken many many underwater photos, Grasmere has peaty brown-coloured water, but it was still quite clear, so that the sunlight that filtered through was golden, and the reflection of Jackie’s arms on the underside of the water spread out like two huge wings.

The painting is in watercolour on paper, with a lot of gold leaf on the ‘wings’. It’s about 29 x 12 inches and at the time of writing this it’s currently still available for sale.
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Bath Art Fair

Bath Art Fair this weekend!

Nearly packed and ready to take everything over to Bath Art Fair this weekend… it just remains for me to stuff everything into the car and make a poster that says ‘Yes! I do commissions, I can paint you!’ … or some such.

Bath Art Fair is NOT in Bath, it’s between Bath and Frome, so you don’t have to battle into town and struggle to find parking. It’s near Farleigh Farm Shop, Norton St Philip, BA2 7NG – there will be a large marquee in a field. There will also be a lot of other artists’ work, a pop-up cafe and a free children’s quiz… and I will have new swimmer paintings which you haven’t seen because I have been hoarding them over the last few months.

The fair is open from 10am – 6pm Saturday, 10am – 5pm Sunday. £5 entry on the door but look out for two-for-one fliers which will be at the farm shop nearby and have been distributed here and there locally.

Have a look at the Bath Art Fair website for more details: www.bathartfair.co.uk

Bath Art Fair

Bath Art Fair