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Bath Art Fair

Bath Art Fair this weekend!

Nearly packed and ready to take everything over to Bath Art Fair this weekend… it just remains for me to stuff everything into the car and make a poster that says ‘Yes! I do commissions, I can paint you!’ … or some such.

Bath Art Fair is NOT in Bath, it’s between Bath and Frome, so you don’t have to battle into town and struggle to find parking. It’s near Farleigh Farm Shop, Norton St Philip, BA2 7NG – there will be a large marquee in a field. There will also be a lot of other artists’ work, a pop-up cafe and a free children’s quiz… and I will have new swimmer paintings which you haven’t seen because I have been hoarding them over the last few months.

The fair is open from 10am – 6pm Saturday, 10am – 5pm Sunday. £5 entry on the door but look out for two-for-one fliers which will be at the farm shop nearby and have been distributed here and there locally.

Have a look at the Bath Art Fair website for more details: www.bathartfair.co.uk

Bath Art Fair

Bath Art Fair

The 2018 calendar is here!

The 2018 calendar is available now, from my Etsy shop here

There seemed to be something of a unifying theme to the pictures, one familiar to many outdoor swimmers that I know, so I went with it: ‘An Outdoor Swimmer’s Guide to Faffing’. You can see a glimpse of all the pages on this page …For those overseas friends unfamiliar with the word (though not, I suspect the activity itself), I have even included a definition of the gentle art  faffing – see below for an image of the back cover of the calendar.

The back page:

Henley Mole & Outdoor Swimmer show

Outdoor Swimmer Show at the Henley Mile, Sunday 9th July 2017

I will have a stand at the Outdoor Swimmer Show this year.

Location: Temple Island Meadows, Remenham, Henley-on-Thames.
Date: Sunday 9th July 2017.

More info when I have it, in the meantime this is from the Henley Swim website:

The Outdoor Swimmer Show is organised by Outdoor Swimmer (previously known as H2Open Magazine) and combines an outdoor swimming expo with a chance to get in the water to test the latest kit or just to enjoy a casual swim. Try on a wet suit or book a swimming holiday and be inspired by our great speakers and guest coaches.

More information about the Show can be found here.

The Outdoor Swimmer Show takes place alongside the Henley Mile and is free to attend. Henley Mile swimmers, their families and supporters are automatically registered. If you are not taking part in one of the Henley Mile swims but would still like to come along to the show, please register here: http://henleyswim.com/events/henley-mile/.

framing prints for Burnham-on-sea

Exhibition at Burnham on Sea, Princess Theatre, 28th March – 8th April ’17

framing prints for Burnham-on-sea

framing prints for Burnham-on-Sea

I’ve spent the last couple of days printing and framing: for most of a fortnight from next week, I have an exhibition of my swimming drawings in The Arts Lounge of Burnham-on-Sea’s Princess Theatre. Come and have a look if you are nearby!

The Arts Lounge is open Tuesday to Friday 10am to 3pm and Saturday 10am to 1pm, it is also open when there are any events on at the theatre. For more information please see the Princess Theatre’s Website: www.princesstheatreandartscentre.co.uk

On other exhibition-related matters, I have also booked a stand at the Outdoor Swimmer Show at the Henley Mile, 9th July. More on that later, but in the meantime, some details of the event are on the website http://www.outdoorswimmershow.co.uk/

Anoraks & Budgie-smugglers

Anoraks & Budgie-smugglers

Anoraks & Budgie-smugglers

Anoraks & Budgie-smugglers

This weekend was the wonderful, fantastic event The Big Chill Swim, a winter swimming gala in Windermere, Cumbria, run by Colin Hill and the Chillswim team, to whom massive thanks for doing such a superb job!

Fellow winter swimmers will no doubt recognize the sight of heavy fleece-lined waterproofs, woolly hats and extremely scanty clothing (often on the same person), as perfectly normal. ‘Not too cold actually, well above 6 degrees’ when assessing the water temperature, would likewise be an attitude only unsurprising amongst winter swimmers.

There were so many images I could have drawn but these two chaps, deep in conversation in their anoraks and budgie-smugglers, were too good  to resist! I don’t know who they are, but they know I photographed them so if anyone recognizes them please let me know, I did say I might draw them.

And for the record, I won two gold medals! First in category (female age 45 – 50) in the 450m freestyle and 30m head-up breaststroke, and in the latter I was 2nd female over all. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it 😉

Today I shall be wearing Aluminium

Today I shall be wearing aluminium foil

It is the new look. It stops the aliens reading my mind.

In the summer I had highlights brought on by gardening in the sun, now they are growing out and I have never had highlights put in by human hand before. I have been sat in front of a mirror looking like this, there was really only one thing for it.

Today I shall be wearing Aluminium

Today I shall be wearing Aluminium