Big Rocks, Little Rocks, Sand.

A picture about the Size of Things at Seaton Beach

At Seaton with Melanie, in the middle of October, we swam up the beach towards the cliffs and back again. And what struck me was the rocks, organized in their regions, the sense of space and both permanence and a permanent state of change.

Before us and beside us towered big rocks: the cliffs, the distant one white, the near one red. Vast slices, slowly disintegrating. Below us, neatly piled along the shore, were little rocks: stones of every colour, which gave way quite suddenly to sand. There was no mingling: rocks went here, sand went here. Nature had organized and sorted them with a neat line of the smallest rocks at the boundary.

The sense of space as this arrangement stretched below and above us was quietly captivating. Not quite winter yet: time to admire a calm and tidy sea.

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