The 2023 Calendar:

“Long Swims …and short dips”

2023 calendars are for sale – available to buy from Etsy now.

My apologies for not posting this on the blog sooner… it’s been a busy time, and I hope I’ve already been able to reach a lot of people via my mailing list. If you aren’t on the list and would like me to occasionally send you updates, do please add yourself – see link in the menu. And I also post updates on Facebook.

It was a labour of love this one – they all are, but I seem to put more into each one as the years go by. This time, it features not only a picture for each month, but I have added extra little drawings for each page. It came about because one of my best swimming friends wasn’t to be found in any of the drawings I’d done (not my fault, she is spending a lot of time absent, doing a degree), so I added a little narrative all about our Monday Faffers group, especially including Lucy in her distinctive purple bikini.

The calendar gets its name from the image on the front cover, a drawing I did of Clevedon Long Swim, an event which has run since 1928. Short dips… need no explaining: we swim all year round, it gets a little nippy. In addition to Clevedon, the Lake District, Lyme Regis, Loch Ness all feature and also Camlough Lake in Northern Ireland, in a very special picture of David Burke, which will get its own post quite soon….

Now, some photos…. I hope you enjoy this year’s offering!

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