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Prof Wolf’s Evening of Medicine, Music & Channel Swimming

Join us for a fantastic evening of talk, Q&A, live music, and cake!

Sunday 19th May 7.30pm
Cossham Hall, Chapel Street, Thornbury, BS35 2BJ

Professor Andy Wolf recently retired from a career in medicine and proudly became the oldest
man to solo swim the English Channel in 2018 whilst raising funds for revolutionary 3D printing
technology for children’s cardiac surgery at the Bristol Children’s Hospital.

In his fascinating talk Prof Wolf will take us through the trials and tribulations of the training and competition of his Channel swimming exploits.

We will also be treated to explanations about the revolutionary 3D printing technology that Prof
Wolf is helping to fund-raise for and develop which is enabling surgeons at the Bristol Children’s
Hospital to print exact models of patient’s hearts so that they can plan and practice complex
surgeries. The 3D printing will also allow surgeons to bio-print using stem-cells, meaning that
the implanted organ grows with the child and never needs replacing.

Prof Wolf’s talk will be interspersed with live music on a watery theme from local musicians and
the opportunity to enjoy some lovely homemade cakes followed by Q&A

Tickets £6.50, available here.
(school age children go free)

Lake Mural by Nancy Farmer

Nature catching up with Art!

Lake Mural by Nancy Farmer

Lake Mural by Nancy Farmer. Photo Joanna Richardson

This isn’t new artwork I just wanted to post this photo, courtesy of Joanna Richardson. This is a panel I designed for Marlens (the charity which maintains the Marine Lake at Clevedon), one of three printed onto tiles and installed at the lake. Usually it’s not underwater, but on Friday it was a very, very high tide. And below is me on a different day, next to it, just for reference!

Me and the Mural!

Me and the Mural! Photo Mary Stanley-duke  (I think!)

Sara, diving at Vobster Quay

Underwater photography

I’ve been looking at some of my photos taken at Vobster Quay, of swimmers underwater. I take these as an aid to creating paintings and not as an end to themselves, but I thought I would share this with you. The movements of swimmers are always lovely, it’s the weightlessness, but I particularly liked this sweep down, a dive with two leg kicks.
The camera is an Olympus Tough (orange, now obsolete, but there are newer versions), It’s very wide angle which makes the swimmers look quite far away and quite deep down, even if you see just one photo close-up. Click on the sequence and you should be able to see it in reasonable detail.

Sara, diving at Vobster Quay

Sara, diving at Vobster Quay



Vobster underwater

Please excuse me while I move the deckchairs around

This blog is changing. This post is mostly to let you know if you are following by email.

I need (I think) a dedicated website to contain all my swimming-related artwork. And a second one to contain all my other artwork. This one is about to become ‘Art for Swimmers’ (probably). My other blog – is about to become my main website, with everything else on it (probably).

The original cat-of-the-day blog will remain here, but lately it’s mostly swimmers not cats… you may have noticed. That’s the idea at this point anyway.

If you are following by email, you may get extra emails as I add more artwork. I wouold love you to continue to subscribe, but I thought you should know.

thanks for following!

Two new calendars for 2017

Calendars for 2017 now available!
Apologies for the re-post from one of my own blogs, but I have a calendar for next year full of swimming drawings from this site.

Art by Nancy Farmer

My small and sometimes tidy studio is once more full of boxes: not only are there lots of Somerset Arts Week brochures ready to be distributed, I also have a few hundred calendars. So if you’d like to do your Christmas shopping early, now’s the time…

An experiment last year more to please myself than anything – a calendar I produced of my growing collection of Swimming Drawings – turned out to be a runaway success. So this year I have produced a new one with the latest pick of swimming drawings. These include drawings of long summer swims in warm lakes, and icy dips in the middle of winter, and include Chillswim’s two events that I took part in lately: Coniston end-to-end and The Big Chill Swim.

And if slipping into freezing cold lakes is not your thing, I have a calendar that gathers together all my past Flower…

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Freyja, guarding

Freyja, guarding

I may have mentioned that I draw all of the Cat-of-the-Day drawings on my Samsung phone… and I may have mentioned that I loved the phone so much I recently bought a Samsung tablet that has the same pointy little stylus that I draw with but a much bigger screen (people ask me what software I use – it’s not the software, it’s the hardware that’s important).

However, just now I am drawing with the phone, because this is the bag in which the tablet lives. It is a valuable tool, and it is being closely guarded.

Freyja, guarding

Freyja, guarding

Marshmallow apocalypse!

Hot Chocolate & Highlights

Random-sketch-of-the-day! I wouldn’t have had a hot chocolate at the hairdressers had it not been for the 3 hours swimming from yesterday still making me hungry, and then when it came, I was transfixed by its alien surface, all covered by little white cylinders of marshmallows. What could I do but sketch it while I waited for the hair stuff to do its thing….?

Marshmallow apocalypse!

Marshmallow apocalypse!