A Nippy Dip before Breakfast

“Nippy Dipping at Lake 32”, drawing by Nancy Farmer

Nippy Dipping at Lake 32, 21st November ’21

There is, I am sure, much interesting nature to admire at Cotswold Water Park, including as it does, large areas of nature reserve: 180 lakes, as well as small amounts of dry land.

But a duck, fishing for breakfast, head under-water, was all the nature that my camera saw that morning. It turns out that ducks can hold their breath for a very long time when one is in a lake, in a bikini, in late November. A feathered rear end sticking up was the only wildlife that I paused to watch during a lovely but chilly loop round Lake 32 with the Nippy Dippers.

So instead I’ve drawn the rather sculptural inflatable buoys that stood out in paintbox-bright colours; and I drew Louise, and Kate, and Simon (in receding order) on their way around them. The duck missed out, I don’t imagine that it minded.

And however lovely a brisk dip in November is, the best part was knowing we deserved the bacon and egg buns at the waterside cafe afterwards.
And it would have been rude not to.

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