Please excuse me while I move the deckchairs around

Vobster underwater

This blog is changing. This post is mostly to let you know if you are following by email.

I need (I think) a dedicated website to contain all my swimming-related artwork. And a second one to contain all my other artwork. This one is about to become ‘Art for Swimmers’ (probably). My other blog – is about to become my main website, with everything else on it (probably).

The original cat-of-the-day blog will remain here, but lately it’s mostly swimmers not cats… you may have noticed. That’s the idea at this point anyway.

If you are following by email, you may get extra emails as I add more artwork. I wouold love you to continue to subscribe, but I thought you should know.

thanks for following!


  1. Hi Nancy Great idea as it can be quite difficult to find your “swimmers” artwork and products. It was really good to meet and talk with you at PHISH. You do realise that you have now got me hooked on this cold water stuff, don’t you? I’m signed up for BIG at Buckfastleigh in a couple of weeks and Tina Riggall has just found a quarry that we didn’t know about over at Ponsanooth. It even has rough steps that I can use to get in and out. This could become our cold water training spot. It is a nature reserve but Tina says that, although there are “deep water” signs, she didn’t spot any saying that said that we couldn’t swim. I’m quite excited about this discovery. PHISH was a complete “showstopper” for me. I didn’t really know what to expect but it showed me very clearly what the game is all about and what I have to do to come back next year and do some serious swims. I’ll still be very slow but I will be doing the distances. So, I can’t thank you enough for pointing me in the direction of a new focus for life. This is going to be demanding but fun and, ultimately, very rewarding.  My sincerest best wishes and, please, keep the wonderfully evocative pictures coming! Bob


    1. Lovely to meet you too last weekend Bob! Your quarry discovery sounds exciting. I wouldn’t worry about your speed, unless you want to really put the training in – my speed has never really changed – it is what it is. I happen to be reasonably quick, but I tried actually training, got slightly quicker but realized I wasn’t really prepared to put the work in and it wasn’t something I enjoyed, so I am content to just swim, and I’ve slowed down again. And the cold water training is just a matter of sticking with it through the winter and carefully pushing your ability little bit. Don’t over do it!


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