Underwater photography

Sara, diving at Vobster Quay

I’ve been looking at some of my photos taken at Vobster Quay, of swimmers underwater. I take these as an aid to creating paintings and not as an end to themselves, but I thought I would share this with you. The movements of swimmers are always lovely, it’s the weightlessness, but I particularly liked this sweep down, a dive with two leg kicks.
The camera is an Olympus Tough (orange, now obsolete, but there are newer versions), It’s very wide angle which makes the swimmers look quite far away and quite deep down, even if you see just one photo close-up. Click on the sequence and you should be able to see it in reasonable detail.

Sara, diving at Vobster Quay
Sara, diving at Vobster Quay


  1. This is superb! I use the Olympus Tough also and find it a really great camera. The tilting screen stopped working so I sent it back and very swiftly the nice people at Olympus fixed it and sent it back!

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    1. Thank you! This is my second Olympus Tough… turns out they are not so waterproof if you leave the battery compartment open… oops 😦 …I first bought a panasonic lumix as a replacement, but it didn’t take the same sort of pictures, that s how I know that this model is particularly wide angle and also obsolete (I tracked down a re-conditioned one)


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