I have hats!

Since I no sooner sell out of a print run, than somebody will ask when am I getting them printed again, I thought it was time to have a few more hats in stock. I currently have two designs of Mermaids, Clevedon Pier, and the Beach Lobsters, ALL in standard and long hair sizes. I’m still undecided about weather I will get another batch of hats printed before the end of the year – last year, what with lockdown and everyone simultaneously heading to the freezing open water for their mental, physical and spiritual health… and to their computers for their christmas shopping, it was all a bit frantic here. So no promises at the moment. But if you visit the shop now you’ll find it quite well stocked with hats at the moment: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/WaterDrawnArt

I don’t print the hats myself, but I wrap them up individually with their little decorative sticker, and they are screen-printed by hand, just not by my hands: https://waterdrawn.com/2021/04/12/printing-the-jellyfish-maze-swimming-hats/ …they are of course all my artwork.


  1. I was just given one of your caps!! I love it!!! It’s the one of the mandalas of the swimmers that look like snowflakes. Do you plan to make this cap again?


    1. Hi Lisa, yes I have more coming in a few weeks – I don’t print them myself, a UK company prints them for me and so I’ll have a batch available before christmas. If you would like to know as soon as they go in the shop, feel free to add yourself to my email list – there’s a link in the menu on this blog. Thank you 🙂


  2. Are the mermaid hats already sold out? I have some items in my cart and would like to order some of the mermaid hats at the same time.
    I love your work!!!


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