There are definitely no cats here at all, 29th September

Arthur is still not here

There is no cat here. There wouldn’t be a cat on top of my plan chest, sitting on my display calendar, the one that needs to stay nice and clean for customers to look through, having a wash, because that would be naughty. So I had to draw not one but two pictures just now, to make sure that there were no cats at all here. Sorry about the lack of cats.

Arthur is not here
Arthur is not here

Calendars, which have definitely not been sat on by Arthur, may be purchased online, and do in fact contain a number of cats in the actual illustrations though they are not the sketches from this site, they are my ‘other’ artwork. Details on my main blog here.

Arthur is still not here
Arthur is still not here


    1. Hi Wendy, oh, I don’t know! I’m not very good at these sorts of things partly because I don’t like to pass them onto people who i think are probably like me and go Eeeek and hide 😀 Um… I will look at it again tomorrow, I have to go out now. Even if I don’t get round to doing it, thank you for thinking of me, I do appreciate that! xxx

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