My Apples are redder than your Apples, 2nd October

My Apples are redder than your Apples

My apples are redder than your apples! Indeed they are, but my apples are heavily guarded. They are also few in number, and tiny, however, Arthur is a small fellow (at least, when he is next to Percy) so he feels they are the perfect size.

My Apples are redder than your Apples
My Apples are redder than your Apples

And if anyone doubts the redness of my apples, allow me to show you one I ate earlier:

'Red Love' Apple
‘Red Love’ Apple



  1. Then are a new variety – I planted the trees coming up to 4 years ago I think, and that was only about a year after they were first released. Have to say that they taste not unusual – quite nice but I’m not convinced they taste that different. perhaps a hint of cherries. I have two very small trees and I can’t remember which is which so maybe one has the cherries taste. They are a great novelty though and they keep well. Main problem is the trees are still small and a badger eats them and sometimes pulls branches off my small trees, so I had to pick all the apples. They go by the umbrella name of ‘Redlove’, these are ‘Sierra and Era’ but if you google Redlove you will find lots. Bought them from Suttons but they don’t have them at the moment. These people do though and they are a nice company:
    …not completely red all the way to the middle, there is a bit of white in there that makes a nice pattern if you cut one up, assuming there’s not a worm inside, which can happen!


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