The 2022 Calendar:

“Mary is going Swimming!”

I would like to present: the calendar that is all about Mary!
In my shop now….

Mary was – understandably – most put out at not being in my last year’s calendar, even though she hadn’t been around much to be in the pictures, and I also had to fall back on some past work because of circumstances which I hardly need mention.

So she made the – quite reasonable – demand that she should be in ALL of the 2022 pictures. Except she wasn’t much there in person… and that is a shame because Mary is indeed very personable.

This calendar has been lovingly hand-crafted*, annotated and edited with humorous details and extra pictures
…of Mary.

I present my 2022 calendar: “Mary is going Swimming”.
With 13 pictures, and Mary in ALL of them… regardless of whether Mary was actually there.
Other people also feature.

*The actual calendar pages are indeed printed and not hand-crafted (thought I do punch the holes by hand)… however the design itself is very much handmade. I refuse to use calendar templates and this year’s was particularly bespoke: even every one of the calendar grids was constructed by hand. I now know how to use Illustrator far better than I did before….


    1. Yes! I have just finished the final design (I hope) and ordered a proof today. Hopefully have them ready for sale at the end of the month or very early October. It’s partly why I haven’t got the mermaid hats out yet…


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