Ukraine Sunflowers

I did a charity swimming hat design in aid of the people of Ukraine…

I need to say before you all ask: No, sorry I don’t have any left. I would love to keep doing these, but all the productions costs were covered by me and friends (see credits) because I wanted people to know what they paid for the hat was entirely going to charity, not just sale profits. Working at less than zero income for each hat there are only so many can afford to sell, so I had to cap the hats at 250, but it was definitely worthwhile doing. If you have one, thank you very much for your donation, and my apologies to those who didn’t manage to get one!

Total sent to charities in aid of Ukraine: £3308
Hats printed: 250

British Red Cross Ukraine Appeal
DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) Ukraine Appeal

Credits: Huge thanks to,
Hilary Jenkins Spangler,
Tony Leigh,
Anne Farmer
who all contributed to production costs, and thank you to for doing such a fabulous printing job, yet again.

The design is my original design, based on a combination of the flag of Ukraine and a field of Sunflowers, the national flower of Ukraine. And here are some photos of Hilary at Clevedon Marine Lake, modelling the first hat to be worn. The weather obliged us with strong winds and a sunny day – that’s the sea coming over the Marine Lake wall…

Below: The payments to British Red Cross and DEC, split 50/50
…and yes, Nancy actually my middle name if you were wondering.

And one final word: Clevedon Marine Lake has a line of flags along the sea wall, it did not have a Ukraine flag, so I asked Marlens – the Marine Lake charity – if I bought them a flag, would they put it up? They not only did, but decided that they would pay for it too. So thank you Marlens for paying for it, Alan for putting it up, just in time for Lake Day last weekend. And that’s me at the lake, with matching cossie from Batoko. Flag made to order in super-quick time by the very helpful people Mr Flag, from Swansea.

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