A Lovely Line of Duckies

When the going gets tough, the tough… learn new skills.

Rumour has it that this pandemic has seen people perfecting their baking skills and turning out endless banana bread. Which is a kind of cake that healthy people can pretend is not cake.

But it’s a bit tame for the hardy girls of Henleaze Lake. Having got together to form a synchro team for the lake centenary in 2019, they have honed their synchronised swimming skills in available rivers while venues and pools were all closed. They swim in all weather. Quite possibly inventing the niche of ‘riverside synchro training camp’.

I was just leaving Clevedon Marine lake last Saturday, having got in a sneaky early morning swim, and all these lovelies appeared in matching hats and lipstick. I had no idea who they even were, but I hung around for the inspiration. It was a rare coincidence: I’d been contacted by them two years ago, but was unable to make the date of their centenary event. Fate sometimes has its way.

And they were glorious, I hope I have done them justice.
And, being outdoor swimmers, I am quite confident their baking skills are up to scratch as well!

“A Lovely Line of Duckies”
Henleaze Open Water Synchro Team at Clevedon Marine Lake, by Nancy Farmer.

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