Two new calendars for 2017

Calendars for 2017 now available!
Apologies for the re-post from one of my own blogs, but I have a calendar for next year full of swimming drawings from this site.

Art by Nancy Farmer

My small and sometimes tidy studio is once more full of boxes: not only are there lots of Somerset Arts Week brochures ready to be distributed, I also have a few hundred calendars. So if you’d like to do your Christmas shopping early, now’s the time…

An experiment last year more to please myself than anything – a calendar I produced of my growing collection of Swimming Drawings – turned out to be a runaway success. So this year I have produced a new one with the latest pick of swimming drawings. These include drawings of long summer swims in warm lakes, and icy dips in the middle of winter, and include Chillswim’s two events that I took part in lately: Coniston end-to-end and The Big Chill Swim.

And if slipping into freezing cold lakes is not your thing, I have a calendar that gathers together all my past Flower…

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