The Dragon(fly) Slayer

The Dragon(fly) Slayer

Freyja (a.k.a. The Nose-Beast, for reasons which should be abundantly clear), has gone hunting and has caught and slain a whole Dragon(fly). Very pleased with it she was, too, until she managed to poke it in underneath my behemoth of a plan chest, where, I suspect, it has joined a lot of biros. The plan chest is almost impossible to move, so there it will stay until the floor needs replacing.

I was a little sad for the Dragon(fly).

On another matter, Somerset Art Weeks have begun (the preparations for it have been the reason for the break in drawings), and my gallery space is full of my swimming drawings. There are cat-drawings too, as greetings cards. If you are in the area for the next fortnight, come and visit. Go to this page for the details.

The Dragon(fly) Slayer
The Dragon(fly) Slayer


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