Freyja Kitten

I have a new artist’s model. Meet Freyja, a darling little creature hardly more than 5 weeks old. Somebody found her wandering on her own on a farm and took her to the vet. Hannah-Jo​, veterinary nurse extrordinare, and auntie as it happens, to Arthur and Percy, took her in and looked after her. Hannah called her Mud, because that’s what she mostly was when she came in. She needed a home, and so she came home with me, and now she is called Freyja. Arthur and Percy would like it stated that they were not consulted on the matter, neither in the naming, nor indeed in the adopting of such a creature in the first place, and there has been some grumbling, but I think they will come round, after all, who wouldn’t?

Freyja Kitten
Freyja Kitten

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