January Sunrise, Vobster Quay

January Sunrise, Vobster Quay

I attempted to draw this morning’s swim from memory. Tricky… I am not used to ‘realistic’ landscape stuff and I haven’t got very close to what I wanted, but it was such a lovely morning it was worth a try. At least it might explain one reason why I do not just pop down to the swimming pool.

The water temperature was 7 degrees, the air about -3, the two of us still managed our loop of the lake in about 18 minutes in just our cozzies, though you would have laughed to see us trying to hold our coffees afterwards without spilling them for violent shivering! It’s a phase, it passes…  (the shivering, not the swimming).

January Sunrise, Vobster Quay
January Sunrise, Vobster Quay


  1. This is fun and different. I really like the way the trees look in the background. They contrast great with they pastel fuzziness of the foreground 🙂

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    1. Thanks Mgon… it was supposed to be more what it actually looked like at the time, which was mostly about the layer of floating mist just above the flat water, and the round pink buoys in the mist. Very hard to capture, though, partly because I am drawing on a little tablet phone and it’s so hard to do straight lines and flat surfaces!

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