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The Dinosaur of Hall's Fell

Up the Dinosaur’s Back to Blencathra.

Yesterday Fiona and I went up the Dinosaur’s Back, known to Ordinance Survey as Hall’s Fell ridge. There are in fact a number of dinosaur backs up to Blencathra. Though not the pointiest, I think this is the longest stretch of proper dinosaur and a fine and entertaining climb. Unless they ever wake up….

The Dinosaur of Hall's Fell

The Dinosaur of Hall’s Fell


On Glastonbury Tor, if anyone noticed...

Sunday Morning on the Tor

I passed this one on the way up the Tor this morning, clutching ipad and cigarette close to ward off any psychological or physical effect of being out on a fine Sunday morning, up a stunning natural feature of the landscape with the best views for miles around. He didn’t even say good morning when I passed and wished him the same, which in my extensive experience is pretty unusual for visitors to Glastonbury Tor. I imagine he was distracted, updating a spreadsheet: ‘Tor: done’… ‘Stonehenge: pending’.

On the plus side, I also passed a small child with small brown wellies on. The wellies had faces of Minotaurs printed on the toes 🙂

On Glastonbury Tor, if anyone noticed...

On Glastonbury Tor, if anyone noticed…

Up the Dinosaur’s Back, 29th October

image Up the ‘Dinosaur’s Back’ to the top of Blencathra, with nieces/nephews, siblings/in-laws, and Mum who with hindsight may not have fully appreciated what she was getting into! Of such misjudgement are the best stories made. All back safe and sound. Not everyone is in the picture – this is as much as l could scribble in the moment, then a few outlines strengthened and shading added back at the cottage. image The other pic is Georgia, sketched from across a wide table when she was moving around all the time, which accounts for it not looking very much like her. For a 6 year old she can’t half scramble up mountains though!