Swimflakes swimming hats

The ‘Swimflakes’ Hat

Blue Swimflakes underwater
Blue Swimflakes underwater

December 2017: Sorry, now sold out of these hats, they will be back next Autumn. If you’d like to make sure you get an email to let you know when I have them, click on the link to add yourself to the emailing link – see menu. In the meantime, I have plans for a new hat design in the spring, and the Clevedon hats are coming back in, in limited quantities.

Swimflakes swimming hats
Swimflakes swimming hats


  1. Hi . Nice to meet you , and get one of your seamonster hats, at Henley. Could you add me to the list for a blue snowflake hat once they’re available again please.

    Thank you.

    Matt Broom


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