Mermaid Swimming Hats

My new summer deigns for 2018. People kept asking me would I design a mermaid hat next, and them when I tried, I couldn’t decide what sort of mermaids they should be. So I designed 4 different ones, each of which is available in 4 colours. At time of posting this they are currently selling in my Etsy shop:

Mermaid Swimming hats designed by Nancy Farmer
Mermaid Swimming hats designed by Nancy Farmer


  1. Are you going to get any of the mermaid or any other swim hats in stock any time soon? Been checking the Etsy site regularly for a few months and only has lobster and pier swim hats. Thanks!


    1. Hi Gloria, I will have the “Eye Spy” ones in the shop in late April / early May – the ones with the big eye on the side. Probably some others later, but I am not sure what at the moment. Sometime I will do the mermaids again, but there are other hats I@ll get printed first.
      The best way to know when I put new hats in the shop is to add yourself to my email list: (if the link doesn’t work, there’s on in the menu)…I tell people on the list as soon as hats go in the shop. I am also doing a charity hat advertised through my email list very soon, that one won’t appear on Etsy because I’m keeping the costs to a minimum.


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