New Year's Day at Clevedon Marine Lake

Digital Drawings

A showcase of mostly digital drawings, to see all the drawings, with their captions, visit the blog

This website started as an occasional diary in sketches. Because I swim a lot there were a lot of drawings about swimming, especially when the turn of the year reached winter, which was my first winter of swimming outside. I also drew my cats a lot, which explains why this website was once called cat-of-the-day. You can still see all the drawings on the blog.

All non-commissioned drawings available as prints, and some as cards. Some items are listed in my Etsy Shop, but if you can’t find what you want, just email me.

If you’d like me to do a drawing of you, have a look at my Commissions page, where you can see some images I’ve drawn for other people.


  1. Hi
    We wondered if you would be interested in doing some workshops at our school in Bridgwater and if so what the costs involved would be!?
    Kind regards Laura Weall


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