The Jellyfish Maze swim caps

The Jellyfish Maze

(…and how to get through the maze.)

If you’re on my email list or you keep an eye on my Facebook page you’ll already know I have a new swim cap design (there’s a link in the menu if you want to join the email list).

If you don’t: I have a new swim cap, in my shop now. Sorry I’ve already sold out of some of the standard colours – there will be another print run sometime, maybe with different colour fish, but not for a while: I’m quite well stocked with hats since I got some more “Eye Spy” hats and some with the “Spots and Stripes” mermaid design.

The Jellyfish Maze

Each of the hats I send out is going out with a printed paper version of the maze, in case you feel like grabbing a pencil and solving the maze. There is a way through from the middle where the little fish is trapped, all the way to his friend on the outside. Obviously he’s a two-dimensional ‘flat fish’ and can fit through very narrow gaps sideways on….

However, no purchase is necessary to solve the maze: you can print your own from the picture here, get a pencil, and try to find your way through it.

The Answer?

Give up? Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the solution to the maze.

More New Hats

Some of the new hats – the new jellyfish design plus two old favourites – available from my shop on Etsy (see link in the menu). I have long hair hats with the jellyfish and the mermaid designs on, as well as standard size.

The solution to the maze…..

There are a few variations on this path at each end of the maze, just to cause maximum confusion – but the middle part is the only route through.

"Jelly Fish Maze" - the way out....
“Jelly Fish Maze” – the way out….

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