The Fashion Show??

Mary and Andy at Tooting Bec Lido - drawing by Nancy Farmer
The Fashion Show?? - drawing by Nancy Farmer
The Fashion Show?? – drawing by Nancy Farmer

(you can click on the picture to see this full size)

“The Fashion Show??”

To me, at a glance this drawing looks like a fashion-designer’s drawings. Close up it is of course… ah… a fashion show.

Or possibly a cold water swimming event.

Even closer inspection of the swimming consumes reveals a it’s actually a dire warning about the dangers of giving LSD and coloured crayons to a professor of geometry and allowing him to watch werewolf movies without supervision.

This is Team Wolf, or at least, the more demonstrative half of it: Andy Wolf and Mary Stanley-Duke. At Tooting Bec Lido, January 2019. The funniest thing about this drawing is that I copied the expressions, actions and general behaviour as precisely as I could from the original photos. There really was no artistic licence required.

Wish we were here. One day we will all be back….

Photos stolen from Lucy Luke.

Original version of the drawing….

The drawing above was not the first version, and the first version wasn’t the way I’d planned it originally either. It was going to be Andy and Mary against a patchwork of colour – mostly the different colours of the changing room doors, and the blue of the water (icy, 3.5 degrees blue…) and then I realized for authenticity I had to draw their cossies, and that adding more colour was just going to fight with those… and besides it’s never been my intention to make drawings look like a photograph. So I went for everything in sepia. It was kind of working, but a bit odd. And then someone pointed out that the scene really worked best as a sequence of three photos (I had actually not seen the first photo when I begun this either, only the second two)…. and the idea of a comic strip presented itself.

So everything changed, there was much faffing. And then I changed it yet again. And before it makes it into the 2022 calendar (which it surely must …or Mary will never forgive me!) I might try changing it once more, to be a square format. The drawing is done on a tablet – it doesn’t exist on paper until I print it. I am not massively keen on a tablet (and stylus) as a drawing tool for its tactile qualities, but I must admit that what it lacks in tactility it more than makes up for in sheer faffing potential…

Anyway, because quite a lot of details were lost from the original, I thought I’d show you that too.

(and because someone always asks: the tablet is a Samsung Tab A, not an iPad)

first version of the Tooting Bec drawing (detail)
first version of the Tooting Bec drawing (detail)
first version of the Tooting Bec drawing
first version of the Tooting Bec drawing

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