Rachel’s Dart 10K – The Finish

Rachel's Dart 10K - The Finish!

I have recent drawings that I can’t show you yet, so here is a commission I did a few months back – this is Rachel Ray’s Dart 10K swim. The Finish! A nice change for once to be able to say I’ve done that swim, I don’t have to imagine what it’s like, I was there (though in fact not the same year, and I think we may not have had quite such a muddy finish…).
Digital drawing.

Rachel's Dart 10K - The Finish!
Rachel’s Dart 10K – The Finish!


    1. Thanks! Not too terrifying as everyone is there with you! Though the water can be muddy and can be a surprize if you’re not used to it. A couple of swims at Clevedon would get you used to that sort of thing!


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