The Angel of Grasmere

The Angel of Grasmere
The Angel of Grasmere
The Angel of Grasmere

This painting was from a photo I took of my friend Jackie in Grasmere in Cumbria, late last summer. Unlike the blue water of Vobster, where I’ve taken many many underwater photos, Grasmere has peaty brown-coloured water, but it was still quite clear, so that the sunlight that filtered through was golden, and the reflection of Jackie’s arms on the underside of the water spread out like two huge wings.

The painting is in watercolour on paper, with a lot of gold leaf on the ‘wings’. It’s about 29 x 12 inches and at the time of writing this it’s currently still available for sale.
I also have prints in my Etsy shop:


  1. Ah, don’t know it, but it’s amazing how my hats get about. It must be a small world as there aren’t actually all that many of them – not compared to what large companies handle anyway!


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