'Ghislaine' detail1

Apologies for the lack of swimming scribbles, I have been devoting time to some swimming paintings instead. Some of these I am hoarding for Bath Art Fair (12th & 13th May, more on that later), a some have been commissions (I know, other people are waiting, for paintings or drawings… I am getting there…).
So, here is one finished commission, this is Ghislaine, in watercolour, with platinum bubbles…
At the bottom you can see the photo I worked from, Ghislaine asked me for more bubbles and sparkly light.

'Ghislaine' painting in watercolour with palladium leaf
‘Ghislaine’ painting in watercolour with palladium leaf
'Ghislaine' detail1
‘Ghislaine’ detail1
'Ghislaine' detail2
‘Ghislaine’ detail2
'Ghislaine' detail3
‘Ghislaine’ detail3
'Ghislaine' reference photo
‘Ghislaine’ reference photo


  1. Where do you find water that clear❓Was photo taken in very cold sea water❓ Would love to get a underwater photo like that for a painting. Cheers, Diana in Canada



    1. Hi Diana, actually I didn’t take that photo, but we have water that clear where I swim too, which is a very deep flooded quarry. It fills from underground fissures in the rock, not a river, which might be why it’s so clear. (The other place is swim is the Bristol Channel though, which is estuary water, brown and muddy and you can’t see through the water for two inches!) I’m in the UK which is a bit far to come just for a photo, but if you are ever coming this way let me know. And I also can paint from other people’s photos if you have one suitable, as you can see.


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