What’s your favourite Faff?

Faffing competition

If you haven’t already bought one of my calendars or Swimflake hats (or if you want another) you might like to know that Oudoor Swimmer Magazine (formerly H2Open) are running a competition where you can win them.

Simply tell them in 25 words or fewer what your favourite swimming faff is!
Enter here: outdoorswimmer.com/win

…and if you don’t win, you can always buy them in my Etsy shop: www.waterdrawnart.etsy.com. I have run out of a few of the hat colours, and I have limited numbers of them coming in again in quite soon, so if you want me to email you when they are in again, please add yourself to the emailing list .

Faffing competition
Faffing competition
Outdoor Swimmer Magazine
Outdoor Swimmer Magazine



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