Gold leaf, fragment by fragment...

Tiny paintings and tinier gold flakes

Watercolour and gold leaf on paper

Watercolour and gold leaf on paper

Feeling that there were some interesting developments in the last lot, I am continuing with mini paintings of swimmers, mostly incorporating metal leaf (Gold / Palladium or Aluminium). Here’s a quick work in progress… first shred your gold leaf (I used a pointy steel tool to hold the gold leaf down with, and shredded it with the tip of a scalpel.). Next, apply, fragment by tiny fragment, to the painting. Fortunately I have the sort of patience for this kind of thing. This is not the normal way gilding is done… by trial and error I’ve found what works well is picking up a gold fragment on the tip of a damp paint, applying the tiniest dab of dilute Gum Arabic to the paper, and then laying the fragment on the paper and smoothing it down with the damp brush. I’ve also found the easiest way to do this is to work with a brush in each hand. This tends to minimise the number of times that I either loose track of where I have put the glue as I take my eyes off it, or pick up the gold leaf with the gluey brush, not the just damp one. It also speeds up the process quite a bit.

Gold leaf, fragment by fragment...

Gold leaf, fragment by fragment…

Shredded gold leaf!

Shredded gold leaf!

More mini paintings

More mini paintings

2 thoughts on “Tiny paintings and tinier gold flakes

    1. Nancy Farmer Post author

      Hi Maggie, yes… but first I need to show them to the girl who they mostly are of as I said she can have a choice of them first, so I need to do that, and couple of other people have also asked about buying them. If you add yourself to my emailing list – see the menu links at the top – I’m going to let everyone on that list know when they are available, I will try to drop you a line as well when I have them all scanned and up for sale, but the mailing list will ensure you know.



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