Strata at Lulworth bay

On Friday we swam from Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door: Fiona, Sara, Marcus, Jim, Chris and I. We had wetsuits, a camera, and overstuffed drybags with our clothes and shoes in them; we took out time and admired the Jurassic coastline. It was a perfect October day, the feeling was more like a picnic than a swim. And then we walked back.

Just west of Lulworth cove there is an arch you can swim under which takes you into an enclosed space of rocks and sea, and at the other end you can swim out through another arch. Visitors on foot can only stand on the cliffs on top, and they did, watching us getting a better view of the fabulous folded rocks.

Strata at Lulworth bay
Strata at Lulworth bay

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