Low Autumn Sun on Sunday Morning

Low Sun on a Sunday Morning

Last Sunday I got up at 6.30 to fit in a swim in the Marine Lake at Clevedon. The lake water had had a chance to settle, silty brown giving way to translucent veils of green, and the low rising sun was blinding when it cleared the sea wall.

It was a memorable swim which seemed to mark the start of winter swimming, the first swim of the season where the cold induced that sort of quite dreamy state of calm on the last length back, followed by an irrational panic at being alone, and relief when I saw other swimmers appear. I was barely cold but as someone put it today, these are “the irrational thoughts of an open water swimmer”, I wonder if anyone doesn’t get them sometimes.

I never had a chance to complete much of a picture, but I scribbled this down later that evening, lying in bed, and then forgot that I’d done it until I looked in the app again days later. If this is as far as I get, perhaps it can still be worth posting up….

Low Sun on a Sunday Morning
Low Sun on a Sunday Morning

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