The Silly Hat Swim

The Silly Hat Swim at Clevedon Marine Lake Opening
The Silly Hat Swim at Clevedon Marine Lake Opening
The Silly Hat Swim at Clevedon Marine Lake Opening

At Clevedon Marine Lake Grand Opening

On 2nd April 2016 the Marine Lake was officially re-opened, following an extensive repair and re-vamping project. It had in fact been open since November of 2015, but few people other than our band of hardy swimmers had been using it through the winter. The Silly Hat Swim was our contribution to the general celebrations and goings-on in the lake, it was a very simple and silly idea, quite possibly because it was my idea: Hats must be made, not bought, and the hat wearers be able to swim around the pontoon in the middle of the lake and back again, whilst still wearing their hat. The pontoon is in fact quite near the deep end and the swim was probably less than 100 yards, the idea being that anyone could join in and not freeze, even those who hadn’t been swimming in the lake all winter. Prizes were awarded for exceptional hats.

And I’ve been busy ever since, which is why this drawing is rather late. This does not excuse the fact that right at the front I put a swimmer in a flatcap, which, if you’ve been paying attention to the rules, is disqualified for not having been hand made, but I just could not resist it. There I was, swimming my best most careful head-up breaststroke to keep my own hat on my head, and across my field of view swam a chap in a wetsuit, shades and a flat cap. This doesn’t happen very often. So I had to put him in even though there were many more fantastic hats than I have included.

My hat is slipping out of the frame in the bottom right hand corner: a Viking paper boat collaged into the image from the drawing that I used for the actual paper hat. More on this on my main website shortly.

And the day was glorious, the weather perfect, and much fun and silliness was had.

Silly Hat Poster
Silly Hat Poster


    1. Hi Paul, yes you can, there are some prices here: And you can also order them from my etsy shop here: – but I have yet to add the mounted and framed versions. You just have to say when you buy which print you would like, as there are too many to show in that listing. You’re also welcome to email me if you would like more information, or if anything is unclear:
      cheers, Nancy


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