Anoraks & Budgie-smugglers

Anoraks & Budgie-smugglers
Anoraks & Budgie-smugglers
Anoraks & Budgie-smugglers

This weekend was the wonderful, fantastic event The Big Chill Swim, a winter swimming gala in Windermere, Cumbria, run by Colin Hill and the Chillswim team, to whom massive thanks for doing such a superb job!

Fellow winter swimmers will no doubt recognize the sight of heavy fleece-lined waterproofs, woolly hats and extremely scanty clothing (often on the same person), as perfectly normal. ‘Not too cold actually, well above 6 degrees’ when assessing the water temperature, would likewise be an attitude only unsurprising amongst winter swimmers.

There were so many images I could have drawn but these two chaps, deep in conversation in their anoraks and budgie-smugglers, were too good  to resist! I don’t know who they are, but they know I photographed them so if anyone recognizes them please let me know, I did say I might draw them.

And for the record, I won two gold medals! First in category (female age 45 – 50) in the 450m freestyle and 30m head-up breaststroke, and in the latter I was 2nd female over all. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it 😉


  1. Well done on your medals! When I did Chillswim I was delighted to be beaten by a world record holder – Jackie Cobell (holder of the world record for slowest swim of the Channel) in the 450m event! A great event and really well organised.


    1. Thank you! 🙂 Recently read Jackie’s account of her channel swim I think – couldn’t do that :-O
      …yes, love the Chillswim event, hoping to do some kind of art exhibition / stand next year there.


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