Last Swim of 2015

Last swim of 2015

Tuesday was our last swim of the year (I am not counting a visit to the swimming pool yesterday, which was warm and chemical). At Vobster, we ended on a high note of December sunlight, an exceptionally mild 10 degrees, and Fiona’s chocolate caramel shortbread. The two figures in the foreground are Ruth and me though, because I rather thought our swimming attire looked jolly together, and I have amusing writing across my new swimming costume bottom, especially designed and ordered by Plum for a relay race next month. On the front of it there are appropriate snowflakes, but it’s barely even cold yet!

I have no drawing for it but today I also did my first swim of 2016: It was Clevedon New Year’s Day swim, a quite different setting and a mass affair accompanied by much shrieking from those foolhardy enough to think that leaping into 8 degrees does not require a little practice…

Last swim of 2015
Last swim of 2015


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