Coniston End-to-End: Green hats are ready to go!

Coniston end-to-end 2015

Coniston-end-to-end, 2015. We are at one end, ready to swim to the other end, five and a quarter miles away. Sadly, no, that is not me without the wetsuit, I dithered over the issue, but the water I’ve been swimming in has been warmer than Coniston, and the wetsuit is very new and not very cheap, and so it would have been rude not to wear it. There were a few ‘skins’ swimmers, who I was a little jealous of, but it was a lovely swim, and a fantastic day for it.

Thanks to Colin Hill and the Chillswim people for running another fantastic event!

(and for those of you unfamiliar with Chillswim – the orange things are the floats they make, good for visibility and excellent for putting your stuff in – if you have a drybag version – while you swim. And to the uninitiated, they are TOW floats, not TOE floats… this last point has caused some confusion amongst non-swimming friends….)

Oh, and for the record: 2hours, 53 minutes, 58 seconds…. 🙂

Coniston end-to-end 2015
Coniston end-to-end 2015



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