The Start!

The Start

This is the drawing I meant to do two months ago, the start of one of Vobster’s Aquathalons. That’s me, the odd one out – the one without a wetsuit and who has no intention of going for a run either. It’s always good fun though and the presence of lots of frantically thrashing neoprened bodies makes me swim a little bit faster!

Yesterday was August’s Aquathalon, and I have to admit I skipped it in favour of swimming a lot more laps, but I was there in the lake at the same time, doing my own thing.

Anyone without a knowledge of perspective and wetsuits may fail to spot the subtle fact that I am lower in the water than everyone else, so I just thought I’d draw it to your attention. Of course that may just be because of the cake I ate first

And anyone who was there, I know you all had white hats on not red ones, but red looked better: Beauty is Truth, Keats said so.

(anyone interested in the swimmy calendar for next year:…/swept-away-the-…/)

The Start
The Start


  1. I really love your swimming pictures especially ‘the start’ as it reminds me of the GNS. I would really like this as a framed print. Are you able to do this?


    1. Hi Lynne, yes I can – I have a rangeof print sizes and prices, there are details on this page:
      These are the main sizes:
      A5 – £8 Image size around 4.5 x 7 inches.
      A4 – £15 Image size around 5.5 x 9.5 inches.
      A3+ £29 Image size around 11 x 18 inches.
      …I can also do larger images. If you would like me to actually frame the print, I do have some very nice simple white A3 frames, but postage is always a problem here, because of the trouble with the glass. I can cut a mount to fit a standard frame size if you like (I only have off-white mount board but it goes with everything!)
      Let me know if any of this is any use to you – best to email me:


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