An Eyeballing

An Eyeballing

I chucked some branches of cotoneaster horizontalis* in with the chickens. The branches were covered in berries and I thought it might be nice to sit and draw the chickens pecking the berries, everything outside being so frozen it wasn’t muddy for once.

No sooner had I started than Tiberius came up and gave me a through eyeballing. At close range, and while seated practically on the ground, this is a disconcerting look to receive from a large cockerel. I drew him instead.

An Eyeballing
An Eyeballing by Tiberius, a fine Light Sussex Cockerel

*cotoneaster horizontalis… it’s one of those plant names I love because it just trips off the tongue is such a nice way: coton-e-aster hori-zon-talis. Try it ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Interesting, I had the opposite problem: taking a little potted one off to our plant sale embarrassingly labelled ‘Katoniaster’! Botanists should learn how to spell in a way that normal people understand ๐Ÿ˜‰
      And Roosters… yes, well, this one’s fairly docile so far, the last one we had I don’t think I’d just have sat there while he got so close! though the one before that you could’ve picked up and carried around.

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