Too cold for wetsuits, we better go in without them! Vobster, 16th December

Vobster at Sunrise

Vobster at sunrise yesterday! Still mist on the water. Ruth and Jim ahead of me and when I looked up to see where they were, all was suddenly blinding golden light.
We had thought if we put on wetsuits we could go twice round. Not making that mistake again! We could, but as Ruth put it: “none of the endorphins, all of the cold!” No shock to the system, but the pinchy cold was appalling on hands and feet. I won’t say l missed the shivering like an idiot afterwards, but next week it’s back to shorter swims in swimming costumes 🙂

Vobster  at Sunrise
Vobster at Sunrise, with Ruth & Jim (there are two heads here and one orange tow float)

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