Swimming through December

Swimming into December...

Vobster in December.
Here are Ruth and I… and before you ask, yes I made it up, I have no idea what we actually looked like but I was inspired to draw this because when I look down I am always struck by the look of remarkably pale legs reaching into the greeny-black gloom of a 40metre deep lake. I failed to capture this effect in the end, but still, some sort of drawing seemed to be required to mark the passage into December and us still in our swimsuits. Today the temperature had dropped below 10 degrees. Apologies to Jim who was there and didn’t get into the picture – he didn’t have pale legs that would have showed up, though, he had black rubber-clad ones! Some might call this sensible.

Swimming into December...
Swimming through December…


    1. LOL, thanks, and well, in answer to your question:
      1. Because we can. (it’s still cold but it gets much better with practice)
      2. Because I’m doing a very short sponsored swim on January 31st in water expected to be below 5 degrees! (see above about the practice)
      3. And, of course that reason swimmers ALWAYS give: it’s lovely once you’re in 😉
      (though on that last note I have to say the problem with this sort of temperature is not getting in, it’s once you get out and rush to get your clothes on before you start shivering like an idiot!)

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