Busy Bellringers, 14th November

Busy bellringers
Busy bellringers
Busy bellringers

Sorry about the lack of cats, and indeed any art at all on this blog lately, the cats have temporarily taken up residence on my other blog: http://nancyfarmer.wordpress.com/ where they are being the inspiration for a series of mezzotint prints.
(Try this search if you cannot find them straight away: http://nancyfarmer.wordpress.com/?s=cat+mezzotint).

In the meantime I thought I really must fit in a quick sketch, so here are the bell ringers on an unusually busy Friday night practice. Bell ringers move constantly, though they repeat the same set of movements so it should be possible to capture them in a sketch, however the tower is seldom so busy that I am allowed to sit out and draw anyone. I ring the bells too, somewhat reluctantly and not very well, and so this was a rare few minutes opportunity.

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