The Bringer of Shoes

Wastwater, 26th October.
The Bringer of Shoes! That was my brother, wandering down to see why, having swum most of the length of Wastwater, we had failed to get out. I was the wimp in the wetsuit 😉
Wimpishness not withstanding, 10 degrees appears to be perfectly doable but I would like to get more to grips with this swimming in bouncy water business!
l could have called this rescue-of-the-day, except that the total number of rescuees by the end of the day was 5 humans and a dog, in 3 separate incidents. Only one, however, Iooked in imminent danger of developing hypothermia, though my new and very hardy swimming friend said she’d been much colder… It was an eventful day!

The shore of Wastwater and the Bringer of Shoes


  1. Wetsuit a Good Thing….not wimpy at all…..that scream of cold water down the back of the neck is telling you you ARE ALIVE! 😃


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