Of Leerers and Harlots, 5th September

Of Leerers and Harlots

At Mum’s 70th birthday party: Emma said I made her look like a Harlot (which, now I think of it, is a word that should be revived in preference to its paltry synonyms), but she said that was ok as long as she didn’t become a greetings card And she was wearing those things, except I didn’t get the shoes in and somehow accidentally gave an impression of boots. The shoes were red and leopard print 5″ heels: I rest my case. I have to say that I think that Andrew came off worst in this sketch: the speed of sketching somehow meant I failed to properly put in his left eye so he has a right leery look! And of course, it was Emma’s outfit that made me pick her to sketch in the first place. Never trust an artist 😉

Of Leerers and Harlots
Of Leerers and Harlots


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