Percy’s ablutions, 8th June.

cat washing 3
cat washing 2
Percy’s ablutions 5

A few speed-sketches as Percy made his ablutions this afternoon (which should be a more commonly used word, so I am doing my bit). Unfortunately for the sketching, Percy has no idea of method and no concentration. It would be so much easier if he would wash one bit properly and then go on to the next bit, but he is in a constant state of remembering a bit that needed cleaning somewhere else on his person… Still, I have done my best.

cat washing 1
Percy’s ablutions 1
cat washing 3
Percy’s ablutions 2
cat washing 4
Percy’s ablutions 4
Cat Washing 5
Percy’s ablutions 3


    1. thank you! Just goes to show: number 4 nearly didn’t get in because there was so little off it – no time to register where the rest of his feet had been, just that curve and the leg sticking out. Then I strengthened some of the lines and got his face a bit wrong…. pleased it is your favourite, – means it still deserved a showing šŸ™‚


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