Percy, guarding tomato plants, 28th April

Percy Cat guarding tomato plants
Percy Cat guarding tomato plants
Percy Cat guarding tomato plants

Percy, guarding the tomato plants. Yes there are no-cats in the greenhouse again. This has come about because I opened the door this morning (well actually removed the cat-grill, formerly chicken-grill, which prevents such from entering), to find the greenhouse already full of Arthur. It turns out he has worked out he can get in through a broken pane of glass. The broken pane is not even one of the lowest ones and involves squeezing through at some risk of slicing off an ear or worse. So currently the door is open, to prevent cats from risking life and limb getting inside. Naturally this leaves the tomato plants vulnerable to attack, so Percy has been guarding them. Fortunately he discovered a length of horticultural fleece folded up next to one of them, so he decided that would be the most suitable plant to guard, as, being a comfy spot, it was obviously more at risk of theft.


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