Skinny-fat-cat in the sun, 14th April

Stiletto Cat, sunbathing

This is Stiletto, she is like an old lady who refuses to eat anything but cream buns (it is cheap cat-food really, probably too high in salt and sugar and I think of it as having the nutritional content of a cream bun, but at 17 years old she doesn’t care). Last year she had got so thin that she resembled a fur-covered toast-rack, but since she has been having the cream buns she has put a little belly on her, though still bony. Usually I cannot draw her because she will come up and demand cream buns from me as soon as she sees me, and they are limited to breakfast, because the well-fed boys want cream buns too.
I am probably unfair on the cream buns, they are not really so bad, but we used to give them only the healthiest food available, and for the sake of a little old lady’s tastes cat-feeding has become complex…

Stiletto Cat, sunbathing
Stiletto Cat, sunbathing

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