Unfurling Ferns, 10th April

unfurling ferns
unfurling ferns
unfurling ferns

What I am really enjoying about sketching with my phone (a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 if you are interested) is that it is a thing that  I am likely to have with me almost always, unlike a sketchbook, which would be an extra thing to carry, not to mention the additional luggage of lots of coloured pencils if I wanted anything in colour. The phone is however a tricky thing with which do the fine detail that these beautiful little unfurling ferns deserved, that I happened upon near Glastonbury Tor.

But better to have sketched with wobbly hand than never to have sketched at all, as the bard would have said…


    1. Yes they have, Wendy, though it is a very BIG phone! Biggest screen on a phone you can get I probably, but not quite as big as a small tablet. It has a little electronic stylus pen with it that turns out to be way superior and more controllable than the sort of draw-with-your-finger sort of screen, but you still have to get used to drawing on a little screen. It’s all new to me, too – I started this blog only a week after I got the phone, as an encouragement to keep the sketching up!


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