Prices & info

Cards, prints, swimming hats etc.

I have a shop on Etsy at where I list a selection of prints, cards and swimming hats with my own designs on them. I can also make prints to order if there is a drawing that I’ve done that you can’t find there.


My apologies, I am not taking any commissions on this year because a broken wrist (not my drawing hand but still very incapacitating) has prevented me from completing any artwork since February. The autumn and winter months are when I get very little artwork done in any case as I usually have a lot of orders of calendars, hats and prints to deal with. So next spring is when I expect to have the first few months of useful time to work on artwork and until then I am not  going to be taking on any commission work.

Here are some examples of past work:

Digital drawings – commissions

I can work from a single photo, or a combination of several photos and imagination to make up the scene that you want to depict. The image is drawn on a tablet, so the finished product is a print, using gallery-quality paper and inks. Usually I make just one print, which you will have, but I can make multiple prints if you would like more than one, at a much smaller additional cost than the original image.

Paintings – commissions

Most of my paintings are studies of underwater figures, if you’d like to be in one of my paintings I’d be happy to discuss this. I work in watercolour, sometimes with gold leaf and other metal leaf. I will usually need a very good photo to begin with – it doesn’t need to be perfect, but it does need to be interesting. If you are nearby (I am based in Somerset, UK) I can also meet and take photos of you first to work from.

Swimming hat designs, t-shirts, logos etc – commissions

I would be happy to discuss what you’d like and give you a fixed price usually after showing you an initial sketch.

Yes, I can work from photos:

A lot of my artwork is based on a combination of photographs and imagination, and I can create a scene from several photos if you have different photos of several people. Please bear in mind that the more complicated the composition is, the more it will cost! I also take underwater photos at Vobster Quay, which usually has lovely clear water and if you would like to join me I can take photos to work from. (Vobster Quay: Radstock, Somerset, BA3 5SD, UK.