Prices & info

Cards, prints, swimming hats etc.

I have a shop on Etsy at where I list a selection of prints, cards and swimming hats with my own designs on them. I can also make prints to order if there is a drawing that I’ve done that you can’t find there.

Commissions: Please email me to discuss prices – this is only designed as a starting point so you feel encouraged to contact me!

If you’d like a drawing, painting or design done especially for you, I’d be happy to discuss this with you. Just email me, and I will usually be able to give you a fixed price first, after finding out what you would like, so you know what it will cost. I can also help you with suggestions if you are not sure what you want.

Here’s a guide to the sort of price I charge for artwork – these are quite vague, as a lot will depend on what exactly you would like.

Digital drawings:

Generally £90 – £155 depending on the complexity of the image. I can work from a single photo, or a combination of several photos and imagination to make up the scene that you want to depict. The image is drawn on a tablet, so the finished product is a print, using gallery-quality paper and inks. Usually I make just one print, which you will have, but I can make multiple prints if you would like more than one, at a much smaller additional cost than the original image.


Most of my paintings are studies of underwater figures, if you’d like to be in one of my paintings I’d be happy to discuss this. Painting commissions are typically £350 – £600 (unframed) though a lot depends on size etc and miniature painting could be a lot less. I work in watercolour, sometimes with gold leaf and other metal leaf. I will usually need a very good photo to begin with – it doens’t need to be perfect, but it does need to be interesting. If you are nearby (I am based in Somerset, UK) I can also meet and take photos of you first to work from.

Swimming hat designs, t-shirts, logos etc:

Artwork generally from £100 upwards, and the price will depend on how complex the image is. I would be happy to discuss what you’d like and give you a fixed price usually after showing you an initial sketch.

Yes, I can work from photos:

A lot of my artwork is based on a combination of photographs and imagination, and I can create a scene from several photos if you have different photos of several people. Please bear in mind that the more complicated the composition is, the more it will cost! I also take underwater photos at Vobster Quay, which usually has lovely clear water and if you would like to join me I can take photos to work from. (Vobster Quay: Radstock, Somerset, BA3 5SD, UK.