Prices & info

Please email me to discuss prices – this is only designed as a starting point so you feel encouraged to contact me!

If you’d like a drawing, painting or design done especially for you, I’d be happy to discuss this with you. Just email me, and I will usually be able to give you a fixed price first, after finding out what you would like, so you know what it will cost. I can also help you with suggestions if you are not sure what you want.

Here’s a guide to the sort of price I charge for artwork – these are quite vague, as a lot will depend on what exactly you would like.

Digital drawings:

For digital drawings I charge for doing the actual drawing work, and then on top for making a print – being digital there is not an ‘original’ on paper until I make a print, so the price is in two parts.

Drawing work – usually around £60 – £100. The cost depends on how complicated it is, how many people are in the picture, how many ‘portrait’ type faces etc. Complicated compositions, or pictures with lots of portraits or details in them could be more.

Printing cost of digital commissions:
£10 for an A5 print
£16 for an A4 print
£25 for an A3 print (in a tube)
£29 for an A3 print (sent flat and wrapped in cellophane)
£40 for an A3 mounted print (ready to drop into a standard frame)
£75 for An A3 framed print (£60 without postage if you want to pick it up)

So an A3 print of a simple scene could be £60 + £25 = £85
Some quite simple scenes have been very effective as pictures that I have done in the past – scenes of a single swimmer etc.

Swimming hat designs, t-shirts, logos etc:

Usually £60 – £110 for a hat design, unless you want something quite complex.
I would usually charge more for a t-shirt design because it is larger and there is more scope for an actual picture, and logos may also require more work, but happy to discuss what you want before giving you a price.


Often around £250 – £500, not including framing, but a small simple portrait could be less, and a large complicated piece can be a lot more. You are welcome to have a picture without frame and get it framed yourself – this is also often the best way if the picture has to be posted.

Yes, I can work from photos:

A lot of my artwork is based on a combination of photographs and imagination, and I can create a scene from several photos if you have different photos of several people. Please bear in mind that the more complicated the composition is, the more it will cost! I also take underwater photos at Vobster Quay, which usually has lovely clear water and if you would like to join me I can take photos to work from. (Vobster Quay: Radstock, Somerset, BA3 5SD, UK.