Cecily at Vobster - detail 2


A selection of swimmer paintings in real paint (a new thing for me, up until this year they have been digital). For these I have used a photography a lot more as a reference – photographs I have taken at Vobster, where the water is clear and lovely. Paintings available as commissions, if you are near enough for me to take some photos of you swimming, email me to enquire.

Sara II – ‘Into the Blue’

Sara, in the dappled light through the incredibly clear water at Vobster. This painting is sold, but I have prints available here This painting was in watercolour, size about 21 x 16.5 inches.

'Reflections III'

‘Reflections III’

One of a series of paintings of reflections on the underside of the water’s surface. In watercolour & gouache with fragments of gold leaf. The second image is a photograph of the painting, not a scan like the first image, and it shows up the glint of the gold leaf a lot better. Prints are […]

Another close-up

‘Two Point Five Degrees’

Painting in gouache and watercolour, with mica powder and aluminium leaf. This is Diane, and in the original photograph from which I took her expression, she had just got into Clevedon Marine Lake, and yes, it really was 2.5 degrees. There is a lot of metal in this picture, and a scan doesn’t really show […]

Sally at Vobster - detail


This is Sally at Vobster, where the water is clear especially in the winter, which this was. For this painting I used a photograph that I took on our first swim there of 2017, on 2nd of January. Some of us hardy swimmers do without wetsuits all year round, though we are occasionally seen with […]

Sara at Vobster - detail


This is Sara, where we swim at Vobster Quay. The water is clear and lovely, this was partly from a photograph I took when we were swimming in the summer and it was warm, and people were given to doing without their wetsuits more often. Painting in watercolour, gouache and palladium leaf. Palladium is a  […]

Cecily at Vobster - detail 2


This is my first ‘swimming’ painting in actual paint. Having spent a lot of time drawing digital images of swimmers, while at the same time continuing to paint other subjects, it’s time the two came together. Vobster Quay, where we swim, is a quarry lake with very clear water. This is Cecily, the painting partly […]

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