(probably the) Last Call for 2021 Calendars

"Facing the Storm" - a 2021 Calendar by Nancy Farmer

I am doing one more print run of  calendars, so if you’d like one and haven’t yet bought one, you might want to get your order in soon!

It’s been just over three months since I opened the first box of calendars, which Percy the Cat found so unaccountably hilarious, and they have sold like hot cakes. Apparently what people want most during a pandemic is:
1. a vaccine
2. toilet roll
3. a reminder that there will be another year.

So as we – thankfully – turn the corner into 2021, I have just about sold out, again. I’m going to order another batch, but it will probably be small, and probably be the last lot. You can pre-order here. I expect to be posting out before the middle of January.


  1. Good afternoon,
    I was delighted to revive a pink Clevedon swim hat for Christmas. My first visit to the lake today and sadly the hat ripped when I pulled it on, which was very disappointing. Have you had any other comments/feedback regarding hats ripping?
    Thankfully I had a wholly hat with me today so could still swim.
    Many thanks


    1. Hi Sophie, so sorry to hear it broke first time. Very occasionally this has happened and it’s probably because of a tiny flaw in the hat that goes unnoticed till someone tries to put it on. I’ll track down your order on Etsy and send you a new one.
      best regards,


    2. Hi Sophie, I’ve been unable to identify which was your order (as it was clearly bought for you!). Have tried emailing you but I can’t seem to get in touch – If you email me I can arrange a replacement. See email in menu.


      1. Hi Nancy
        Thank you so much for sending me a replacement swim hat, it’s perfect, no problems putting it on!
        Thank you for wonderful customer service.
        Very much looking forward to visiting the lake once we can travel outside of our local areas.
        Many thanks Sophie


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