Staying Sane

"Staying Sane" - digital drawing by Nancy Farmer

“Staying Sane”
November 6th 2020

The day before yesterday… was not a normal day, most of the days of this year have not been normal days. But there was an air of fevered enjoyment in the little freedom about to be suspended.

The sun was glorious, and sparkled on a chilly lake already in single figures. Jeremy imagined a cold-adapted creature that could become spherical in freezing water and then stretch out to a huge flat pancake to soak up the sun afterwards. He also made a pretty good attempt at becoming one.
Behind him, several girls repeatedly climbed the platform, removed their tops and flung themselves back into the water, boobs akimbo. They did it at least three times, as if social distancing made them invisible.

Or as if there was an artist on the shore.

Or because they could.

Stay sane my friends, until we’re here again as a proper gathering.

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